We started the Guelph Night Market in 2015 with the hopes of creating more space in our community for an alternative kind of consumerism. Our aim was to prioritize local, made by hand, small scale and vintage. This idea has emerged into a pop-up style "thrifty flea market party" where you can purchase goods from local artists, makers and curators themselves.  We look for a diverse selection of vendors from all walks and disciplines, who we think will inspire people and help to create a safe and unique experience. Guelph has a strong network of small businesses and entrepreneurs; supporting them is what will make our community flourish.     xoxo NIGHT MARKET CREW 


vintage clothing pickers, artists, screen printers, foodies, writers, record collectors, button makers, zinesters, thrifters, letterpress enthusiasts, antique lovers, upcyclers, knickknack hoarders, book binders, poets, embroiderers, green thumbs, potters, comic book creators, and general weirdos alike.